“Coach the Client, Not the Problem.”

The truth in this common coaching adage is the basis for my practice.

My clients come to me with a wide range of presenting issues, and I usually find that the root cause of their difficulty has to do with the unconscious limiting beliefs and stories they hold just outside their awareness.  Addressing your presenting issue can be the way in to go deeper, to the core of your identity, your values, and what’s really important to you.  Coach the client, and the client will solve the problem.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur starting up a new business, a single seeking a partner, a new retiree feeling suddenly irrelevant, or anyone feeling stuck in life, your relationship with yourself and how you source your sense of self-worth, impacts every aspect of your life and is key to your happiness and success.

I welcome clients with any presenting issues.  As we work them together, I’ll help you drill down to your core, rediscover the whole person you already are, and explore how choosing to live from your center can re-ignite excitement and passion in your life.

I am a Certified Professional Coach located in Bethesda, MD and meet one-on-one with clients from the Washington, DC metro area. I'm also available to do coaching via phone or video-conference, for both US and international clients. 

I am committed to serving a diverse and inclusive clientele.

Want to get started?  Contact me today, and together let’s see what’s possible.

Tom Mulczynski

Tom Mulczynski



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